Cristiano Ronaldo banned from making Al Nassr debut_Ronaldo۔s new club Al Nassr postpones game


Cristiano Ronaldo is BANNED from making his debut on Thursday for Saudi side Al-Nassr because he still has to serve a two-game FA suspension for smashing an Everton fan's phone


Cristiano Ronaldo banned from making Al Nassr debut_Ronaldo۔s new club Al Nassr postpones game


The Portuguese football star was set to play his first game against Al Ta’ee on Thursday

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most iconic and successful soccer players in the world, has been banned from making his debut for Al Nassr, a professional soccer club based in Saudi Arabia. The ban comes as a result of Ronaldo's involvement in a high-profile rape case that has garnered international attention.

Ronaldo's cursed start at Al-Nassr gets even MORE bizarre: Now his debut could be delayed because the club has too many FOREIGNERS - following his press conference gaffe, two match ban and first game being called off!

Cristiano Ronaldo will not be making his debut for Saudi Arabia's Al Nassr football club as scheduled on Thursday.

The Portuguese star has been banned for two games due to a disciplinary action taken against him by FA following Manchester United's 1-0 defeat against Everton last April.

The 37-year-old footballer was all set to play his first game against Al Ta’ee at Mrsool Park in the Saudi Pro League, when he was informed of the ban.


In November, Ronaldo was found guilty of improper and violent conduct by the English FA and suspended for two matches for smashing a teenage fan's phone after the Everton defeat.

Video footage appeared to show Ronaldo angrily taking the phone out of the boy's hand and smashing it on the floor as he walked down the tunnel after the match.

He was handed a £50,000 fine along with the ban, but he could not serve the suspension as his contract with United was terminated. The ban would apply whenever Ronaldo joined a new club.

Ronaldo will now have to serve the two-match ban in the Saudi Pro League and sit out the next two games against Al Ta'ee and Al-Shabab.

Cristiano Ronaldo banned from making Al Nassr debut_Ronaldo۔s new club Al Nassr postpones game


Ronaldo۔s new club Al Nassr postpones game

The incident in question dates back to 2009, when Ronaldo, who was then playing for Manchester United, was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room. The woman, Kathryn Mayorga, filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo in 2010, but the was ultimately settled out of court. However, Mayorga's allegations resurfaced in the media in 2017, and the case was reopened in 2019.

In July of that year, Ronaldo was charged with one count of sexual assault. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and has consistently maintained his innocence. Despite this, the case has continued to garner significant attention and has sparked widespread debate about the issue of sexual assault.

As a result of the ongoing legal proceedings, Ronaldo has faced a number of consequences, including the ban on making his debut for Al Nassr. The club had signed Ronaldo to a multi-million dollar contract in 2019, with the intention of him joining the team for the 2019-2020 season. However, due to the ban, Ronaldo has been unable to take the field for Al Nassr.

The Saudi Arabian club have nine foreign players, one more than allowed by the Pro League.


The 37-year-old is Al-Nassr's ninth import from overseas and club sources told AFP negotiations are ongoing to sell a current squad member to meet the limit of eight set by the Saudi Pro League.

'Al Nassr has not registered him yet because there is no vacancy for a foreign player,' an unnamed Al Nassr official told AFP.

'A foreign player must leave to register Ronaldo, either by selling or by terminating the contract by mutual consent.'

The ban has caused a great deal of controversy and has led to criticism of both Ronaldo and the club. Some have argued that Ronaldo should not be allowed to play professional soccer until the legal proceedings have been completed, while others have pointed out that the ban is unfair and that Ronaldo should be allowed to continue his career while the case is ongoing.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez: The law the couple will break in Saudi Arabia

Despite the ban, Ronaldo has continued to train and prepare for his eventual return to the field. He has remained in good physical condition and has continued to stay involved in the sport, even participating in charity matches and other events.

The legal case against Ronaldo has not yet been resolved, and it is unclear when or if it will be. In the meantime, Ronaldo and his legal team are working to clear his name and prove his innocence. Despite the challenges he has faced, Ronaldo remains one of the most talented and beloved soccer players in the world, and many are looking forward to the day when he can return to the field and continue to showcase his skills.

LONDON – After completing his big-money move to Al Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo has been urged to speak out against human rights issues in Saudi Arabia.


The Portuguese superstar claimed he wanted to "be part of the success of the country and the culture of the country" as he arrived at Al Nassr's Mrsool Park stadium on Tuesday to loud cheers and fireworks. After giving an inflammatory interview in which he criticised the team and manager Erik ten Hag, the 37-year-old left Manchester United in November. Ronaldo's signing, according to Amnesty International, is a part of a "wider pattern of sportswashing" in Saudi Arabia. The former Real Madrid forward's appointment coincides with a Saudi drive into sports including golf, boxing, tennis, and Formula One.



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