Fortnite Update 6.40 early patch notes: Skins, Pump Shotgun and LOTS MORE


Fortnite Update 6.40 early patch notes: Skins, Pump Shotgun and LOTS MORE 

FORTNITE Update 6.40 looks to be coming tomorrow morning and we already have a solid idea of what the new patch notes could include. Here's everything you need to know.

Fortnite Update 6.40 early patch notes: Skins, Pump Shotgun and LOTS MORE

Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World players should be all set to receive a brand new update tomorrow morning as Epic Games looks set to roll out a new v6.40 Update.
This hasn't been confirmed by the official Fortnite Twitter account just yet, but given the normal schedule for Fortnite updates appears to have once again returned to their usual Tuesday routine, we can assume the next update should arrive tomorrow as well.
Assuming that the developers stick to their usual schedule we could see the update arrive in the morning potentially with some big server downtime.
New updates usually drop at around 8am GMT with patch notes also going live at the same time.
Although we can't say for certain, it seems a good bet that there will be some sort of update tomorrow from Epic Games.
Especially since the last big update for the game arrived two weeks ago.
Fortnite Update 6.40 early patch notes: Skins, Pump Shotgun and LOTS MORE
In addition to everything mentioned we would imagine that with the end of Season 6 and start of Season 7 fast approaching, we could see an update brought in simply to prepare the game for the big season changeover.
There will no doubt be the usual spate of bug fixes for the game (more on that below) but it's difficult to predict any other big additions to the game other than whats mentioned further down.
Likewise, there's a number of skins that have previously been leaked, but importantly, have yet to go live.
So the chances of any new skins, seems unlikely, partly because there's probably enough in the bank to see Epic Games through until the end of the season.
For instance, the Guan Yu, Riot, Instinct and Reflex skins are just four which haven't gone live yet.
For now, keep reading for a rundown for some of the main features expected to drop with the next big Fortnite update.
Fortnite Update 6.40 early patch notes: Skins, Pump Shotgun and LOTS MORE

New Pump Shotgun

It looks like Epic Games are introducing a brand new shotgun into the game, announced via the in-game message of the day.
This new shotgun sort of resembles a typical SPAS-12 shotgun, but it could be quite similar to the games existing Heavy Shotgun weapon.
The description in-game reads "Epic and Legendary variants of the Pump Shotgun!"
It's not clear yet how this new variant of the Pump Shotgun will differ from the existing Heavy Shotgun.
One interesting hot-take following the reveal from well known Twitter leaker @FNBRLeaks has suggested that this new weapon could (and possibly should) mean we see some weapons vaulted in the upcoming update.
"No way Epic is going to keep 4 shotguns in the game with 11 combined variants, I have a really positive feeling something is going to be vaulted," wrote FNBRLeaks and in fairness, it's hard to ignore his reasoning.
We look forward to seeing how Epic refreshes the weapon pool with the new update.

Wreck It Ralph x Fortnite LTM?

Fans spotted last week that Ralph from the 'Wreck it Ralph' movies was appearing on the movie screens at Risky Reels.
This has likely been done to promote the new Ralph Breaks The Internet movie which is out now.
It seems a little odd to just have this one small addition to the game, so who knows, maybe we'll see something else happen in the days a come.
Perhaps something in the mould of the special Avengers Infinity Gauntlet LTM which dropped Thanos into the game.
Fingers crossed Epic Games has something else planned.

New Vehicles?

Though it seems unlikely, two of the big new additions that have been AWOL for a few weeks are TWO vehicles that have been spotted in the game files.
The most recent of two was discovered a few weeks back and could be some sort of aircraft based vehicle. Here's some more info from Fortnite Intel:
"While the exact details are unknown, we know that a new vehicle which is internally called a Bumble is in the works. Audio for this vehicle includes sound effects which are similar to that which can be heard from aircraft."
The second vehicle details are more sketchy having been added some weeks back. It's called the 'Antelope.
But as Fortnite Intel reported at the time of the discovery, the assets for it were incomplete.  So whether this is for something far off, or something they plan to release out of the blue, still isn't clear.

Fortnite 6.40 Update - Anything Else?

On top of everything mentioned previously, we should see the usual array of bug fixes for both Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite Save the World and mobile.
Below you can take a look at some of the main bugs which the Trello board has marked as 'fixed in the next release'.
This isn't to say they'll definitely be included in the next patch. But there's a pretty decent chance.
Battle Royale 'fixed' Issues:
  • Mounted Turret Collision Volume
Save the World 'fixed' Issues:
  • Players may be marked as underpowered after returning from a mission
Mobile 'fixed' Issues:
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Storm visual effects persist after leaving the storm
  • Jerky Camera turning on Mobile

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